Welcome aboard a great adventure! 

You and your daughter won’t regret it! 

Have fun with it!





·         Child forms:  $10/child

·         Adult forms:  every adult that plans to participate or drive children must register; If not, no insurance under Girl Scouts; $10/adult; Dads may also register. 

·         Adult Volunteer form must be filled out for a background check

·         Watch for registration deadline = patches are available; SEPT 7TH, 2006

·         All children and adults selling cookies MUST sign and turn in pink form; Daisies can not sale cookies

·         You can register girls/adults throughout the year.

·         REGISTRATION FORMS/DEPOSITS:  follow instructions for marking and organizing sheets then deposit the money into the Council acct through National City.  This account is on the deposit slip and is different than the troop’s acct.  If you need additional forms, please contact me for girl/adult registration forms.  You can the parent print off the adult volunteer background check form and the cookie sale permission slip (Brownies and up only) from the website.  Adult background form: click on forms on the left – go to the title of Council forms – click on the Adult background check form.  Cookie/Fall product sale form – click on the cookie/Fall product sale info to the left on the home page – click on cookie sale – click on the Cookie Volunteer info – click on cookie sale – then cookie permission slip.  Make all checks payable to GSHCC.  There are “on time” registration patches if you meet the deadline.


  1. TRAINING:  Each leader should attend the following:

·         New Leader training

·         Age level training now and at each level change (e.g., Daisies to Brownies; Brownies to Juniors: etc.)

·         CPR & 1st aid – this could be omitted if you have a certified parent that is willing to be on field trips, etc. 

·         There are many free or cheap classes to take as well as self study options.  I highly recommend attending an actual class as you can meet people, receive many great ideas, and ask lots of questions. 

·         Trainings can be found with instructions on how to register in the Happenings.  You can also check with your school organizer for a self study packet to receive your training.

·         Kaleidoscope is a nice overview of ideas as well (Nov) – optional

·         Try to do these as soon as possible as it will help you plan your year and understand GS even better.  You will also meet others that you can share ideas with and know that you aren’t alone in this adventure.


  1. GS SHOWCASE (AKA the GS store for books, uniforms, patches, gifts, accessories, program kits for badges, etc., etc.). 
    • Catalogs and online viewing are available.
    • Buy the “packet of books” for Brownies/Juniors.  Cheaper and you will need both the TRY-IT/BADGE BOOK AND THE HANDBOOK.  There are ceremony, leader, special books, etc. available as well.  These are optional. 
    • Don’t forget to take your troop’s checkbook to pay for the troop supplies.  You can order online and they’ll deliver it to your house for a fee.  You can return unused patches as long as they are in stock.  Keep your receipt if possible.
    • Uniforms: You may opt to have parents sign up the size and items, pre pay and make the trip yourself for the first time.
    • FREE PAPERS: Outside the door to the store, you will find free handouts on patches, tracking sheets for patches for each level, uniform info, etc..  You can also see examples of SWAPS (tons of ideas online as well).    
    • Free parking on the opposite corner of the building. 
    • Free use of the copier at the showcase as well. 
    • WARNING – your daughter will love it but it may cost you as both of you may go overboard here.


  1. SUPPLIES: – look through the books, get ideas of what you plan to do for the first ½ of the year and determine needs.

·         Suggestions are on the volunteer resource disk

·         Basic craft supplies – stapler, markers, pens/pencils, scissors – small for the girls/large for you, tape, sharpie, cups/napkins if you plan to have snacks, colored pencils, use your old used crayons from previous years, plain and lined paper, construction paper, glue – tacky is recommended, Flag for Pledge, Kaper board (job board) – optional, wipes, envelopes, hole punch, etc.

·         A box for parent/girl items – a plastic box with folders in it (1/girl) is nice for papers, patches, etc. as well as a central spot for checks/permission slips, etc. 

·         A binder for the leaders for information/misc papers/attendance/etc.

·         Age level book packs (Brownies – try-its & handbook; Juniors – badges & handbook)  If funds are tight, check with the Service Unit “librarian” to see if there is an extra book to borrow for the year.  Please make sure these are returned.  In a pinch, the library has copies of most of the Girl Scout books. 

·         DAISY TROOPS – A starter kit will be given to you but you may need additional supplies depending on what you do.   


  1. DUES - Figure supplies, age level patch and handbook set, patches, etc. into the fees.  Also, as a leader, your troop treats you to a leader dinner at the end of the year ($15).  It is up to you how you handle it.  Lump sum at the beginning of the year, quarterly, each meeting, etc.


  1. BANK ACCOUNT:  All troops, leaders or treasurer will need to open an acct at National City Bank.  This is a nonprofit/free checking acct.  Give them your troop number. 


  1. MONEY: I recommend using Quicken to track your expenses and income.  At the end of the year, you can print this off and give it to the treasurer of the service unit with a little information on the formal Girl Scout form. 
  2. LEADER MEETINGS:  These are called the Center Grove Service Unit (CGSU) Meetings.  They are currently held on the 1st Thurs of each month (a couple of changes – check the website and watch for email reminders).  This is a time where all the CG troop leaders come together to learn about events, share info, have fun, ask questions, meet new people for “adult” time, etc.  Keeps you up to date.  If you miss a meeting, check the website for meeting minutes. 

Chairman:  Denise Roberts – 865-9573 or   



o   The chairman of the service unit will keep you informed via email of new events, needs, extras, etc. 

o   Another way to keep up to date on the Happenings and other offerings from GS is to sign up for the Yahoo! Egroup.  Go to Programs on the left of the home page of website then click on yahoo e group to sign up.  This lets you know of programs that are last minute or new to GS and are often a great deal.  You can glance and delete quickly if it doesn’t apply, but definitely beneficial to be included. 

o   Also, ‘Google” girl scouts and you’ll be amazed what comes up especially if you have a specific idea in mind (e.g., thinking day, etc.). 


  1. PERMISSION SLIPS & TROOP TRIP FORMS: you will learn about these in training but if you plan something before training, please ask the school organizer or another leader what to do.  The troop trip form needs to be given to the CGSU 2 weeks prior to the trip.  These forms can be found on the Volunteer Resource Disk.  Make sure you have your insurance coverage number from the council office. 


  1. WEBSITES: / / for more information and ideas.  Your troop will have a page on the CGCS website.  You may use it any way you want.  You can put your schedule of meetings/trips, pictures from past meetings, information for the parents, “scrapbook/journal” of your meetings, etc. on the website.  Just be considerate not to list girls’ last names or other identifying information.  We want to keep everyone safe.  Send all information for your troop’s website to Denise Roberts –


  1. Decide how you want to plan your year:  by month, by quarter, by semester.  Decide what patches, ceremonies, field trips, events, sales participation, rules for girls / parents, dues, jobs, communication system (email, box of folders – 1 per girl, 1 for money/forms, etc.) etc.;  Generally 1 try-it or petal (badges) per 1 hr, 15 min meeting if you work fast.  Juniors – takes a little longer.   
  2. Inform troop members of first meeting and include parents so they know the expectations.  It is good to have the girls busy while you talk to the parents.  It is smart to continue this to make the most of your time as parents will have questions or want to chat when they drop off the girls for meetings.  However, you want to make the most of your time for the badges so have 1 person directing the girls. 
  3. Prepare a newsletter/basic operational information for the troop for each girl & parents; ID primary communication (email vs. phone vs. notes sent); basic rules; tentative plans; GS goals, leader/member info/emergency info/medical info for safety only (HIPAA), your information & directions to meeting places, leave blanks for them to write in the dues/meeting dates & times, etc.

·         Try to have permission slips (if you have a field trip planned), fliers, deadlines ready – good to include in newsletter

·         Determine dues and explain what it will be used for and when they are due.  Identify how often you will collect them (each meeting, monthly, 2x/year, 1x/year).

·         Decide on a uniform – these should be worn to school on the day of the meeting, at the meeting and on field trips.  How do they purchase them?  Tell them about the showcase.  DON’T FORGET TO BUY BIG FOR BROWNIES & JUNIORS because you will wear those vests for 1-3 years depending on your troop volunteer availability.

·         Member info/emergency info/medical info form:  girls/parents names, numbers, emails, room # at school, etc.  Include a spot for allergies or other medical info the parents would like to share to keep your daughter safe during the meetings.  You can include any info that will help you plan for your year – willing to help with _____, lead a meeting, handle permission slips, ideas, service projects, etc. 



Personally, I prefer to send emails the Sunday before our meetings (Wed).  I include a reminder for the next meeting but also list future dates.  I have found it helpful to include a “what’s needed” list and a “parent checklist” (anything to turn in, etc.).  I tend to keep the meeting theme basic in the email as the “mystery” entices them to attend.  Find a day that works for you so your girls/parents know when to check their emails.  Of course, have a phone person for those last minute or “unexpected” communication needs.



  1. Check volunteer resource disk and training info – good suggestions.
  2. Provide the newsletter and expectations; explain permission slips, and other information in it. 
  3. Collect information page from parents for contacts, etc.
  4. Decide meeting days and times as well as place – can use homes, churches, schools, library, etc.  Ask for adult volunteers.
  5. Explain dues: what it will be used for and when they are due.
  6. Decide on a uniform – these should be worn to school on the day of the meeting, at the meeting and on field trips.
  7. Designate a Fall Product Sales Person &/or a Cookie Mom if you plan to participate.  These are ways to earn money for the troop for big trips/etc.  You will need to turn this information in to the committee leader early on and your person will need to go through training.
  8. Decide how you want the other parents to help you throughout the year – lead a meeting, do the permission slips, buy the patches, head up an event/field trip.  This is everyone’s troop and the work should be shared with their daughters.  Trust me…it will be less stress and more fun for all if the work load is shared.



Please know that you have a support system with your school organizer and the Center Grove Service Unit members.  We were all new at one time and we are willing to help you so don’t be shy to speak up.






·        Membership rally Girl Scouts of Central IN or State Fair booth

·        Registration round up by Service Unit (skating party, etc.)

·        Fall product sale



·        Sup N Sing

·        Haunted House – Children’s Museum has Scout days

·        Juliette Gordon Low’s BD – founder (?10-31)



·        Possible Brownie Try-It Day – the activities are planned for you to show up, “try-it” and earn your badge.

·        Mother/Daughter Bowling

·        International Festival – good if participating in Thinking day or if you want to complete a patch (GS have a booth generally with the try-it planned for you)



·        Disney on Ice

·        Pancake breakfast – Service unit event; Do-Dads cook, troop booths sell various items for Christmas, visit Santa, etc.



·        Cookie Rally – fun for all; themed crafts, activities, and teacher competitions

·        Cookie Sale begins – Daisy Troops can not sell

·        Plan any bridging activities required for the next level if it applies




·        Deliver cookies

·        Father/Daughter Dance

·        Thinking Day – your troop picks a country that has GS/Girl Guides; best to start in no later than January; all troops come together to share the information about that country – dress, location, taste food, some crafts, see pictures/items, get SWAPS, have your passport with picture stamped, receive info sheets and have a great time!



·        BD month for GS / GS week



·        She and Me Tea (Daisy & Brownies)



·        Camporee

·        Leader recognition dinner

·        Troop financial report due

·        If you aren’t continuing the troop (disbanding), spend any leftover money on the girls; return all supplies to the service unit; and let your school organizer know ASAP.

·        Plan any summer activities for your troop.




Julie Anderson           885-8543



Have a fantastic year with your new troop!